Toxins, Ageing & LifeSound

Ageing, Illness & Repair

  • Ageing and illness are generally accepted as inevitable as we advance in years, with symptomatic treatment often the only available option.
  • Serious dysfunction is difficult to overcome, whether the result of a traumatic injury, illness or a congenital disorder.
  • The body is designed with self-repair mechanisms, unless the delicate balance within it is disrupted.
  • LifeSound provides a effective and simple-to-apply mechanism to enable the body to recalibrate itself and express earlier, healthy and vital cellular programmes. This is achieved by means of the science of resonance; resonance with the sounds of health and vitality,

Heavy Metals, Chemical Toxins, Disease, Dysfunction & LifeSound

  • Innumerable toxins bombard us daily, and our bodies cope with some of this disturbance, but regular and/or excessive exposure to toxins may result in a system overload.
  • Toxin overload may cause disruption in our bodily processes, organs and systems. Serious disease or dysfunction may develop.
  • LifeSound introduces sounds which create a cellular micro-vibration. This vibration provides the mechanical means for the physical dislodgement of toxins and pathogens from the body.
  • During the cleansing process, the body eliminates the released toxins in the normal manner (breath, urine, sweat, or faeces).
  • Specific supplements (or drips, if needed) are recommended to support the body during the detoxification processes. These are individually determined, under the advice of a medical doctor.

LifeSound Supports Optimally Healthy Cellular Programmes

  • Relieved of toxins, the body is more able to be balanced, and vital energy becomes more available to critical bodily processes, rather than being “wasted” in the process of resolving toxins. The natural consequence of this is that the self-healing mechanisms of the body are re-established.
  • Cellular health, along with DNA health, emerges as a more vitally healthy body.
  • LifeSound-related health improvements are noticed as improved memory, better sleep patterns, improved digestion, balanced immune system, disease, pain and ailment resolution, function improvement, and more.