Toning & Firming Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

  • Having been effectively used for many years to rapidly tone and firm muscles, the EMS machine provides effortless, toned results. Useful for both therapeutic and aesthetic improvements.
  • Aside from its benefits the slimming and aesthetics programmes, EMS therapy may be used to increase strength and endurance by athletes, relieve muscle spasms, stimulate the repair of muscle fibres, to rebuild muscles after injury, or for the physically impaired, as well as for aesthetic reasons. Suitable for use in conjunction with the lymphatic drainage and acoustic wave machines.
  • The electrode pads are strategically placed on muscles and the machine causes the contraction effect that effectively contracts the muscles, thus working and toning them.
  • Use EMS therapy once or twice weekly for best results, and in conjunction with lymphatic drainage and the acoustic wave cellulite treatment, especially if little or no other exercise is part of the daily regime.