Stem Cells Information & Research – Spinal Cord Injury

Patient: Male, 28 years.

Diagnosis: Spinal Cord Injury (C6-C7, incomplete), 2004 – motorcycle accident.


1. Pre-2013: stem cell therapy x 2 (2005 and 2006 – minimal recovery), physiotherapy, reflexology, various intravenous therapies, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Lokomat walking therapy, FES therapy (on-going), cycling, horse riding, walking with braces and crutches, swimming, gym training.

2. November 2013: Began Personal LifeSound Therapy. Experienced tingling sensations in buttocks, groin and legs within 2 weeks.

3. December 2013: intensive Stem Cell Therapy. Experienced increased sensations in buttocks, groin and legs after 2 weeks. Foot flexor movement in both feet began in mid-April 2014, increasing in strength until the present day.

4. April 2014: second intensive Stem Cell Therapy. Muscle mass improvement, began to be noticed mid-2014. Strength while walking in braces improved. Sensation improved.

5. October 2014: third intensive Stem Cell Therapy. By December muscle mass gains were extremely obvious, with bulk gained in all limbs. Left arm muscle recovered down to just below the elbow, left hand still poor and little grip. Walking and standing with braces far easier, with greater stability and less stumbling and falling. Walking on Lokomat assisted treadmill: machine assistance level down to 20 – 25% (previously assistance at 30%).

6. March 2015: PRP Therapy x2, and SuperHealth Boost Pills. General health improvements noted. End March 2015: Lokomat machine assistance down to 10%.