Stem Cell Therapy & LifeSound – General Information

Slide 1Stem Cell Therapy

  1. As medical technology advances, courtesy of research scientists the world over, we collate this information and inform you of the latest available options.
  2. Although a relatively costly treatment, stem cell therapy provides the best possible healing and regenerative option for many different disease and/or dysfunction profiles – especially those which do not respond to other treatments.
  3. Some problems respond to one single stem cell treatment, although most people require multiple treatments to assist them on their road to recovery.
  4. The regenerative mechanisms of the body are enhanced by the use of advanced stem cell technology.
  5. Local and international stem cell therapies are available, although not widely publicised.
  6. Autologous stem cell therapy, using mesenchymal cells harvested from abdominal fat, provides the body with its best possible chance of repair, especially for serious disease or dysfunction.
  7. When stem cell therapy is conducted in conjunction with other, supportive therapies, excellent results may be obtained.
  8. LifeSound is indicated for use as part of a successful stem cell therapy, in order to support the following:
  • Effective cleansing of heavy metals and other toxins that would otherwise damage the stem cells after they are injected into the body. This is especially true for heavy metals such as mercury, which is a deadly toxin to stem cells. Note: – the LifeSound resonance therapy method of detoxification is proven and established. Results are determined by blood tests to monitor DNA adducts (pesticide, heavy metals, preservative etc bonded to specific genes), mitochondrial health and other parameters which indicate allergies, health of detoxification pathways, and other disease or dysfunction-specific tests.
  • Re-habituation of the body to cellular programmes of health and vitality. These are the earlier, remembered states that the body has within itself. It is encouraged to hold these frequencies as the dominant pattern, rather than the diseased or dysfunctional ones.
  • Maintenance of the new programmes of health and vitality, so that the body does not collapse back into its old, dysfunctional and/or diseased patterns when stressed or otherwise challenged by daily life, or by the assault of new environmental toxins.

Note: the three points, above, are stressed because of their immense importance in maintaining the health of the stem cells in the body, and for enabling the body as a perfect home environment for them. This ensures that any gains from the stem cell therapy are maintained, and are not “drowned out” by the old patterns after a period of time. The success of stem cell therapy relies, in part, on the maintenance of healthy frequencies within the body. LifeSound provides an easy and effective tool for supporting this.