LifeSound Resonance Effect

Vibration: the LifeSound Therapy Solution

  1. LifeSound functions as a deep cellular oscillation-creation system. This physical effect describes the science of resonance.
  2. The stimulated cellular micro-vibrations are an effective means to re-establish health and vitality, naturally.
  3. Firstly, begin the process of health recovery by inducing a state of relaxation that permeates throughtout.
  4. After this, the LifeSound frequencies stimulate deep, cellular toxin release, due to the development of micro-vibrations in the unhealthy system (relative to the introduced healthy sounds).
  5. The healthy LifeSound frequencies “remind” the body of older, seemingly forgotten, healthy cellular programmes. The body attempts to mimic these frequencies, and thus the re-establishment of healthy cellular programmes occurs. Deep relaxation continues, and improved health emerges and is promoted, and develops over time.

What is LifeSound?

  1. LifeSound involves the introduction of unique sounds (normal range acoustics) to stimulate a micro-vibration within the cells of the body.
  2. The sounds are listened to through earphones, or on a speaker system, as preferred.
  3. As the exact, perfect frequencies of healthy and vital body organs and systems, the body immediately resonates with the LifeSound “music”, recognising this sound as the higher order state of itself.
  4. The body seeks to harmonically resonate with the LifeSound, and, when reached, this harmonic represents the ultimate state of health.

Where does the Resonance Effect Occur?

  1. The resonance effect occurs concurrently in both the physical state of the body, and the hologram-like mirror of the body – in the quantum field state – because each state (physical and non-physical) is a reflection of the other.
  2. The rapid effect of the LifeSound, as a healing system, is due to the fact that the sounds target both physical and non-physical states of the body. These are understood as being the coded and uncoded aspects of the DNA.
  3. As each aspect of the body (physical and quantum state) resonates with the state of perfect health and vitality of the introduced sound, each aspect reflects this healthy programme to the other. Perfect synchronisation of all of the frequencies of the body is the result, with the removal of disharmony and the resultant disease or dysfunction.