LifeSound Personal Rejuvenation Therapy

LifeSound Personal Rejuvenation Therapylifesound colour

  1. This is an intensive, personalised programme suitable to the individual and his/her entire DNA family.
  2. It provides the individual and his/her family members with a life-long health and vitality programme, which encourages, and maintains, health and vitality, naturally.
  3. The programme is derived from the DNA of the person him/herself, read by laser systems designed to read quantum state information from various substrates.
  4. This system is the ultimate in cellular recalibration, and is perfect for use by all members of the family.
  5. LifeSound behaves as an adaptogen, supporting each individual in the precise manner required for his/her health recovery.
  6. Children or adults with congenital syndromes, birth trauma or other types of dysfunction respond particularly well to this version of LifeSound.
  7. The individualised LifeSound programme may be very effectively utilised to resolve health problems and dysfunction of all types, in all family members, including seasonal colds and flu.
  8. Children respond particularly well to LifeSound, quickly cleansing residual toxins such as from medications, junk food and environmental pollutants. Their immune systems become stronger, as is evidenced by fewer visits to the doctor.
  9. The programme may be used for the improvement of concentration and memory across the entire range of ages in a family. Quality of life is enhanced.
  10. Elderly family members quickly feel rejuvenated when listening to LifeSound, responding with better sleep patterns, more energy and a greater zest for life.
  11. All family members begin to feel more peaceful and relaxed, enabling better interpersonal relationships. This is most noticeable with children, who become more loving, responsible, reasonable and better behaved.
  12. The LifeSound Individual Rejuvenation Therapy programmes are suitable for use in conjunction with all other therapies, medications or wellness programmes. Treatment outcomes are enhanced with the use of any of the LifeSound programmes.

If ill, suffering from a life-threatening illness, on chronic medication or if you are in any way in a compromised health situation, you are advised to consult with your doctor or professional healthcare provider before and during use of any of the LifeSound programmes. This common-sense advice ensures that your changing state of health is monitored and prescription medications are adjusted as and when required.

Format: Multi-Programme, Pre-loaded, Personal LifeSound programmes on a USB MP3 Player – with viewing screen for easy programme selection.

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