LifeSound Overview

Note: This therapy is offered by BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute in Johannesburg (contact us for other clinics).

LifeSound is the innovative, applied science of resonance.

  • The unique system stimulates natural Rejuvenation and Regeneration in the human body by means of gently, but immediately, beginning the process of encouraging the body back to its original state of health and vitality.
  • This is done by utilising the principles of resonance and applying it in an effective manner.
  • Earlier states of health and vitality remain as a cellular memory, or programme, within the body.
  • Regular listening to the LifeSound MP3 encourages the body to “remember” its earliest, healthiest and most vital programmes, and enables it to recalibrate to this state of health once again. This is a function of resonance.
  • This is a natural resonance process which continues until regeneration is complete.

What is LifeSound?shutterstock_127208399

  • LifeSound is an advanced system of rejuvenation technology that employs the specific frequencies of optimally healthy organs and systems to stimulate a resonance effect in the otherwise unhealthy, imperfect, diseased or dysfunctional body.
  • If the body is optimally healthy, there is harmony between it and the introduced sounds. The effect of the introduced sounds into a perfectly healthy body is, therefore, nil. However, nobody has a perfectly healthy body, regardless of lifestyle, because of the pollutants, toxins, illness and trauma we are exposed to over the course of our lifetime. Therefore, every person who hears the LifeSound frequencies will experience an effect. This effect begins with relaxation and stress reduction.

Pollutants & Toxins

Pollutants include pharmaceutical drugs, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, exhaust fumes and a long list of other potential toxins, including heavy metals. Many people work in industrial or mining operations where the risk of occupational exposure to hazardous substances is increased. If not exposed occupationally, most people will be exposed in the urban environment (exhaust fumes, EMF, food additives and more), or in the rural environment (pesticides, insecticides) All of this exposure has an impact on health, relative to the degree of exposure and the individual’s ability to resolve such problems, and many other variables.

Consequently, no person alive at this time is devoid of toxins in their internal physical environment of the body. Any organ, system, cell or DNA strand which is not optimally healthy, will vibrate in response to the introduced, optimally healthy sounds of LifeSound. This is the effect of resonance.

Resonance & Body Health

When resonating with the normal range acoustics of perfect health, miniscule vibrations are created throughout the body, and specifically in any part that is not in perfect, harmonic resonance with the introduced sounds of perfect health and vitality.

It is precisely because toxins do not resonate with the sounds of perfect health and vitality that they will respond by moving faster than the body parts they have invaded or are bonded to. This process of stimulating an oscillation effect (vibration), at the microscopic levels of the body, encourages the physical dislodgement of toxins.

This enables the body to cleanse the released toxins, during various stages of detoxification. We provide you with a list of participating doctors and therapists who will assist you with any health queries, or provide support during the cleansing processes, if required.

Relaxation Begins Regeneration

The process of inner relaxation continues as the frequencies of perfect health and vitality enable the body to naturally recalibrate itself to this newly introduced, higher state of itself. This is a more ordered, and therefore preferable state of existence for the body, and it naturally responds positively to harmony, beauty, health and relaxation.

This process of deep inner body relaxation enables the natural repair mechanisms of the body, and the return to optimal health and vitality begins.

From the first moment of hearing the LifeSound frequencies, ever-advancing states of enhanced mind-body well-being are experienced. This has been shown to lead to the resolution of acute or chronic problems or dysfunction.

Mode of Therapy

  1. Normal range sound – the LifeSound itself – is introduced to the body by listening to the tracks loaded onto an MP3 player.
  2. Use earphones, speakers, car speakers or any other mode of sound delivery that suits you best.
  3. The LifeSound tracks range in duration from 10 – 30 minutes.
  4. Adults are advised to listen to the LifeSound tracks at least 3-4 times a week, or daily if a more intensive result is required.
  5. Children usually listen while asleep, with the LifeSound playing quietly in their bedrooms. Healthy children require LifeSound approximately once a week, while those with health or dysfunction problems will listen at the adult dosage level, or as indicated.
  6. The brain hears this sound, which sounds somewhat like “white noise”. The brain is unable to make clear sense of the “music” of LifeSound, because the MP3 tracks are effectively a composite of millions of different sounds all played at the same time, and compressed into a single MP3.
  7. The unconscious state of the body appreciates this “music” because it is its own sound that it resonates with.

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