LifeSound Hardware

image002earphones smallPERSONAL LifeSound REJUVENATION THERAPY MP3 PLAYERSheadphones large

Personalised, individual use therapy system. Your personal LifeSound tracks are loaded onto the unit. This MP3 player* is fully functional, as per the accompanying manual, and you may load new files, or transfer your personal LifeSound tracks onto a computer. It is recommended that you make a copy of your LifeSound, and store this in a safe place.


Affordable, general use therapy system. Pre-loaded MP3 players* are partially locked. This means that their contents cannot be copied or transferred, and new files cannot be loaded onto the unit. However, all other functions are operational.

Earphones & Speakers

  1. The MP3 player* units are supplied with small ear buds.
  2. Any other compatible headphone or speaker system may be plugged into the MP3 player*, if this option is preferred.
  3. It is advisable to play the LifeSound to children and babies via a small speaker, with the volume set to a comfortable level, once they are asleep.

* The depicted MP3 player is an example of an available unit. This, or another comparable unit, is supplied.