Disclaimer & Warning

DISCLAIMER: Although BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute Pty (Ltd), LifeTec Systems, a division of Phoenix Natural Health (Pty) Ltd, products are highly effective in helping the body to rejuvenate and rebalance itself both physically and emotionally, thereby encouraging and assisting it to re-establish and maintain maximum health and healing through alternative, complementary means, they might not provide sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. None of our products manufactured and/or supplied by BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute Pty (Ltd), LifeTec Systems, or Phoenix Natural Health are pharmaceutical medicines or medical cures. These products may assist the body to accelerate healing and improve its natural functions of metabolism, regeneration and balance, so please work closely with your physician or professional healthcare practitioner in order to monitor your need for prescription medications, which may change or fluctuate as the body balances itself. Information contained in the material provided, whether it be by means of CDs, DVDs, USB Drives, brochures, pamphlets or flyers, email, discussion, or on the website/s, is not given by, or intended to be a substitute or be a replacement for, qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Neither the owner(s), developer(s), maintainer(s) of the literature or the website, nor the company, company employees, agents or directors are engaged in rendering professional or medical advice, nor do they make medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease. The various BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute Pty (Ltd), LifeTec Systems and Phoenix Natural Health products are variously classed supportive sound therapies, complementary nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies or cosmetics. Please take full responsibility for your own health!

WARNING! Consult with your healthcare practitioner before using any of the various BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute Pty (Ltd), LifeTec Systems and Phoenix Natural Health products, if you are pregnant, lactating, in a compromised state of health, elderly, on prescription medication, have a compromised immune system, or feel in any way unwell. Do not use any of the BioTech products if you are pregnant. The products have not been tested for safety during pregnancy.