IV Infusion Treatment

Note: Treatments are only done by a qualified medical doctor. Offered by BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute in Johannesburg.Slide 1

Offered as Full Drips or as Express Infusion Treatments, these specialised prescriptions provide unique, individually formulated products to the patient.

Used to enhance health, support at times of emotional or physical crisis, to balance hormones, for anti- and reverse-ageing, and as a supplement as required, our individualised prescriptions are formulated for the patient him or herself.

IV Infusions combine the required vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to support the patient in the quest for optimal health and energy.

Each IV Infusion ranges in duration from 30 – 60 minutes, and is administered to the patient as many times as indicated, relative to the individual’s diagnosis. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE


Clinic Treatments

IV Infusion Treatments are conducted at our clinic in Johannesburg. Please contact us to make an appointment with our doctor, in order to determine your personal requirements.

Corporate Benefits

IV Infusion Treatments are ideally suited as follow-up support for Corporate Wellness Day initiatives. This treatment serves as a stand-alone therapy, and is indicated for people who work in high-stress environments. Ideally suited to reduce burnout, exhaustion, absenteeism and other stress-related issues. Health improvements are noted in the improved health score values, conducted by various medical aids.

Our IV Infusion Treatment medical team, consisting of doctors and sisters, may be booked for corporate wellness by calling 082 455 2273.

IV Infusion Treatments are indicated for the following conditions:

1. Immune system support.

2. Burnout and exhaustion support.

3. Post-traumatic stress recovery.

4. Post-operative recovery.

5. Toxin removal / detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals and xenobiotics.

6. General health optimisation.

7. Performance enhancement.

8. Vitamin and mineral boost.

9. Neurological support.

10. Weight control.

11. Libido support.

12. Methylation impairments.

13. Hormone Re-balance.

Results of IV Infusion Treatments

1. Energy.

2. Improved weight control.

3. Improved mental and emotional balance.

4. Improved cognitive function.

5. Disease management.

6. Detoxification of heavy metals and/or chemicals.

7. Better sleep.

8. Improved immune system function.

9. Improved libido.

10. Improved neurological function.

11. Open and well-functioning detoxification pathways.

12. Balanced hormones.


Please contact us to make your medical assessment appointment with one of our doctors.