Corporate Wellness

Note: please contact us for details about the therapies contained in this package. Some treatments are only done by a qualified medical doctor. Offered by BioMolecular Rejuvenation Institute in Johannesburg (contact us for other clinics).

Our Corporate Wellness team of doctors and biotechnology specialists offer the following to support individual health maintenance or recovery, and disease prevention in the corporate environment:

1. Employee Stress Reduction and Relaxation Wellness Programme - improves health, reduces anxiety, improves productivity, improves energy levels, reduces burnout, improves emotional, mental and physical health of employees. It is recommended the IV Infusion and/or Injection Therapy treatment aspect of this package is implemented as required by the individual, and that the LifeSound therapy is used at least 1 x per week, or as indicated, for optimal results.

2. Executive Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Wellness Maintenance Programme – promotes regeneration, relaxation, rejuvenation, productivity improvement, improved energy, reduced burnout, and balanced emotional, mental and physical health. It is recommended the medical treatment aspects of this package are implemented annually, and that the other therapies are used as indicated, for optimal results.