LifeSound Cleansing Effects

Whys is there so much discussion about Pollutants & Toxins?

  1. Pollutants include pharmaceutical drugs, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, exhaust fumes and a long list of other potential toxins, including heavy metals.
  2. Many people work in industrial or mining operations where the risk of occupational exposure to hazardous substances is increased.
  3. All of this exposure has an impact on health, relative to the degree of exposure and the individual’s ability to resolve such problems, and many other variables.
  4. The physical body is damaged to the extent of DNA adducts (toxins bonded to the DNA which cause mutations), mitochondria dysfunction (and subsequent reduction of cellular energy), interference in the body’s detoxification pathways (determined by glutathione-s-transferase and metallothionein studies), the development of allergies (determined by lymphocyte studies) and more.
  5. The result may be any one or more of the following: Senescence (ageing), Apoptosis (cell death) or Tumour Formation (cancers).
  6. Therefore, it is critically important that we rid the body of its excessive toxin load, if this exists, in order to re-establish health.
  7. Health begins to become the norm, once the body is able to regenerate and rejuvenate itself. This it does, naturally, when it has sufficient cellular energy available to do so, and when the DNA is operating optimally.

Why does LifeSound function as a stress-reduction, relaxation system?

  1. Simply put, as the body hears and feels the sounds of perfect health and vitality, these frequencies instantly produce a resonance effect.
  2. The cells of the body recognise the higher order state (LifeSound frequencies) of themselves, and naturally seek to recover themselves to this position – this is in accordance with the natural higher order-seeking behaviour of all living organisms.
  3. As the body begins to resonate with the introduced LifeSound frequencies, in the attempt to establish harmonic resonance, the previous imbalances of the cells are shifted and changed to a greater state of balance. This creates harmony within the body, and relaxation is felt.
  4. It is not unusual to fall asleep when listening to LifeSOund, especially if the person is very stressed, burnt out, tired, ill in a compromised state of health. This mini-rest produces a rejuvenation effect.
  5. Used 2 – 3 days a week, LifeSound gently retunes the body, supports stress reduction and promotes health improvement.

How does LifeSound resolve toxins in the body?

  1. Simply put, system, cell or DNA which is not optimally healthy, will vibrate in response to the introduced, optimally healthy sounds of LifeSound. This is the effect of resonance.
  2. Some sort of a cleansing effect will be felt, whether emotionally, physically or mentally, as the toxins are mechanically vibrated to the extent that they are dislodged from the DNA or other cellular organelles. This effect is commonly referred to as a detoxification effect.

How do I minimise the detoxification effect?

  1. Our doctors provide an individually tailored solution to ensure detoxification discomfort is minimised. It is advised that this prescription is adhered to.
  2. The common-sense approach to detoxification processes are advised: give yourself a break from the therapy if cleansing processes feel too intense. Increase the therapy dose if no effect is felt.

What will I feel like after the toxins are cleansed from my body?

  1. You will feel years younger, with all bodily functions returning to younger states of function.
  2. This relaxation and rejuvenation effect is most significantly noticed in areas of brain function, such as short term memory improvements, thought processing speed, and the reduction of “brain fog”.
  3. Immune function improves to the extent that, after regular listening, illness is felt for a few hours only, if at all, and is easily resolved (children and adults alike).
  4. Bowel health improves, with many mysterious symptoms being resolved (such as “leaky gut” issues). This is considered to be an important by-product of the relaxation and stress-reduction effect, because LifeSound effectively resolves the emotional issues of anxiety and fear (both of which interfere with the proper formation of gut mucosa).
  5. Sleep disorders improve and are resolved. As a powerful anti-ageing therapy in its own right, sleep improvement serves the quest for improved health and rejuvenation.
  6. Stress reduction is markedly noticeable, with the resultant improvement in physical and emotional health, and the ability to tolerate the daily stress of life to a greater extent, without debilitating negative effects.
  7. Relaxation is instantly achieved.
  8. Serious health issues begin to be resolved, and as balance is restored between the physical and quantum states of the body, it maintains.
  9. Serious disorders and dysfunction problems, whether of a traumatic or congenital nature, begin to improve.