Anti-inflammatory PLUS Therapy (Drug-free, natural anti-inflammatory)

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Anti-inflammatory PLUS Therapy is a systemic therapy which is based on the principles of stimulating the body to heal itself; to enhance health and reduce inflammation. This procedure defines the healing aspects of natural medicine.Bio PROFILE6 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Our processing procedures provide the systems which promote systemic healing, with rapid effects noted immediately.

Suitable for the Following Conditions:

1. Inflammation, including arthritis, pinched nerve, and slipped disc pain.

2. Neurological recovery support – regardless of the duration of trauma or dysfunction.

3. General health optimisation.

4. Post-operative support.

6. Disease and illness support.

7. Pre- and post-stem cell treatment.

8. Pain relief, including acute and chronic pain, and neuropathic pain.

9. Chronic disease support.

Expected Results

1. Performance enhancement (neurological and other).

2. Disease or illness reduction.

3. Improved health and well-being.

4. Pain relief and/or reduction.

5. Improved energy.

6. More stable emotional state.